IV All-Ukrainian photo contest “Photographer of the year 2016”



On November 24 launched IV All-Ukrainian photo contest for amateur and professional photographers "Photographer of the year 2016", the main aims of which were to discover new names in photo art, support talented photographers and develop photo business in Ukraine.
Portal Foto.ua, keeping with the tradition that began in 2012, announces the start of the fourth Ukrainian photo contest "Photographer of the year 2016". This contest has a significant impact on Ukrainian photo business. For about 3,000 authors have participated in the contest for the last three years and a number of different exhibitions of all category winner's works have been held. This year we announce the start of "Photographer of the year 2016", which we believe will reveal us new names and will allow Ukrainian photo business to take another step forward ", - said Alexander Lyapin, chief editor of Foto.ua.


The contest is arranged by specialized internet resource Foto.ua, which has been engaged in photo business development in Ukraine for over 15 years.

The prize fund consists of prizes from the partners and is about 150 000 UAH. The professional international jury to determine the winner of the Grand Prix "Best Photographer of the Year" and other winners in different categories consists of:

One of the most important constituent of photo contest is its jury, which includes the most authoritative representatives of domestic and foreign photography industry, whose credibility is beyond doubt and who enjoy the confidence of participants.


Tatiana Fyodorova - Moldovan artist, photographer, mentor. In focus of her artistic explorations is social and political transformation of the ex-Soviet space, critical re-evaluation of Soviet history and the past through the prism of today. The known conceptual books of the author: "In search of the Soviet artist's social body" (2012), "Soviet passport" (2014), "Factory Red Star" (2014), "Bessarabia and its inhabitants" (2016). In the opinion of Maria Regina Anzenberher - the Viennese gallery owner and director of ViennaPhotoBookFestival, "Soviet passport" is the best photo book dedicated to Eastern Europe for 2015. The works of Tatiana Fyodorova have been shown at prestigious exhibitions and exhibition venues.

Vladimir Parfenok - in creative photography from the mid eighties onwards. He graduated from the renowned Studio-3 study under the guidance of of Valery Lobko (Minsk, 1985-86). Сofounder of the informal photographic association "Pravintsiya", due to the activity of which Minsk has become one of the capitals of the new Soviet photography in the late 1980s.
He worked as columnist of creative photography in the republican magazine "Mastatstva" (1991-2002). Founder of NOVA Gallery of Visual Arts and manager of numerous exhibitions projects there (1996-2013). Editor of the book "Artistic photography in Belarus. 1996-2013." Currently, an employee of the National Center for Contemporary Arts of the Republic of Belarus

Victor Nahorny - Well-known Ukrainian photographer, teacher, businessman, collector and researcher of photography. He is the founder of one of the best photo processing lab in Ukraine used by many respected photographers and artists of the country. Victor is engaged in film technologies mainly. Performs experiments in the area of conceptual landscape.




Emine Ziyatdinova - a documentary photographer from the Crimean steppe province - village of Munus (Serebryanka), Ak'sheihskiy (Rozdolnenskiy) region. She is certified as a photojournalist. Emine received a special education at Ohio University, USA. Documentary photos of Emine attracted attention of such world-renowned publications as CNN, New York Times, Daily Mail




Alexander Lyapin – photographer, art expert, artist and journalist. Worked as a chief editor of the newspaper "Vechirni Visti", magazines "Studiya", "Photo Video Novyny", and "Simfol", was a head of "Fotolenta \ PHL» photoagency. Сurrently, chief editor of Foto.ua portal. Author of hundreds of articles about photography. Supervisor of many photo projects, conducts active exhibition activities. Has been teaching photography for many years. A lot of graduates of Alexander Lyapin Studio become successful photographers, win prizes at prestigious contests, successfully enter art schools beyond and in Ukraine, participate in various grant programs.

The winner in the category "Audience Award" will be determined by voting on the contest's website.
Deadline for the submission of works is February 26, 2017.